- Unreal Tournament In Linux - Debian and Gentoo Linux Install Instructions

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Installing Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition in Debian and Gentoo Linux

UT Tux

At one time, I spend at least an hour every day playing UT, I found the need to look down every possible avenue to get it to run in linux. I knew it was possible but I think I was a little lazy and a little scared of linux at the time to try. So I just booted into windows everytime I wanted to play. SO when I finally got it to run in Linux it was a big, totally cool step %) In an effort to put together a complete instruction guide for the total installation of UT, I depended on the current developers and my boyfriend Michael. Together we made a complete installation guide, from putting your GOTY Edition installation cd into the drive, to installing the umod packs, to starting UT for the first time. For any of these installs you will need the GOTY edition cds (or game data somewhere on your system)


Installing UT on Debian Linux isn't too hard, the worst part about it is finding good places to download everything that is needed, and we've taken care of that for you. We have instructions for Debian and Gentoo.

Debian Install

What you will need for the Debian install:

Unreal Tournament Bonus Packs (BONUS & MAP PACKS) are no longer on the official Unreal Tournament site, you can try downloading them from a 3rd party site here. (make sure to "save link target as" rather than just clicking this)

Now follow the debian instuctions located here:2.README.Debian

Gentoo Install

This install is very simple! At the time of writing this (06-22-04) the UT packages in portage are hard masked, so that's the only tricky part of this install. Everything you will need to download is in portage. So just follow these gentoo directions: 2.README.Gentoo

After recieiving an email from James Teague III about this How-To, he offered to write up some instructions for Redhat and Slackware. Those are located here: Installing Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition On Red Hat and Slackware Linux (this does not include info about installing umod packs)

Official Links

Epic Games Unreal Tournament Official Site
Loki Software Inc's Unreal Tournament Page
UmodPack SourceForge Page
The Gimp Homepage

Other links you might find helpful

Unreal Tournament FAQ - This includes a great deal of great information about UT GOTY edition in linux.
Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide - Interesting tweaks for UT, not linux specific.
Gaming Tips and Tricks - Includes UT tips, benchmarks, and cheat codes.


I must give credit where it is due...

Thanks to Epic Games, for the creation of UT, the best FPSG ever, and the bonus umod packs that they gave out to their faithful users.

Thanks so much to Loki for putting so much effort into the development of the linux installation program, etc, for UT.

Thanks to the developers working with who created the UmodPack installation program.

Thanks to Michael for the grueling work of writing the instructions, something I had been dreading.

Thanks to the wonderful Gimp program that was used to make the original Tux, and which I used to make my UT tux.

Thanks to James Teague for putting together the list of "other links you might find helpful." And bringing to my attention the fact that people still do visit this site and I should fix my links!

Thanks to Larry Hastings for the updated link to Bonus Maps.

And thanks to my friends and acquaintances that I play UT with all the time, I wouldnt be into UT if it werent for the fun we have playing together! I couldn't have made this page without all these people.


If you have questions, comments, or other feedback about this How-To, email me: