IRC Addiction Quiz

-!- Looking up ...
-!- Connecting to ...
-!- Connection established.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up (in the morning or otherwise)?

Look into your IRC client and scroll up to see what you missed in IRC while you were gone.
Log onto IRC to see what's up.
Check email.
I dont touch my computer til I need to

The most important reason for being online 24/7:

So I am always connected to IRC!
So I can log onto IRC whenever I need to
To surf the web a lot!
I'm not connected 24/7 ...

Have you ever used a chat phrase IRL?

Sure! I use chatisms all the time, and my friends know what I'm saying.
Yeah, I dont go to extremes though
I use net slang, sure
No, I think that sort of thing should be left to chat rooms...

How much anticipation is given to waiting for the daily irc stats of your "home" channel to be updated?

I do the IRC stats since I am always there.
I look forward to it, sometimes refreshing the page a couple times before they are updated!
Doesn't matter much to me.
Never heard of irc stats...

Your room gets taken over. You:

My room has never been taken over, I have several precautions against it.
Panic, get really upset and get someone to nuke that little lamer!
Walk away til the lamer finishes having fun so I can get my room back.
Log off and hope someone takes care of it for the next time you drop in.

Have you ever made an IRC Webpage?


How many IRC servers do you chat on regularly?

4 or more

Have you ever written an IRC Bot?

Yes, and he's currently the main moderator of my room
Yeah, but he was sorta silly
I have had a bot, but I didnt write him all myself.

How many IRC clients can you sucessfully script for?

3 or more
None, I use other people's scripts
I don't write or use scripts.

The last thing you do before logging off before you go to bed:

Logging off? I never log off!
Say goodnight to everyone in the room and hope you dont miss anything while you are gone.
Say goodnight to the room and leave
I log off long before I go to bed!

Have you ever actually said "hehe" instead of laughing?

Actually, yes, I often laugh like that
I've caught myself doing it once or twice...

You wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep. You:

Wander over to your computer and see what's going on in IRC... before you know it the sun has risen and it's time for school/work.
Check on chat til you get sleepy and go back to bed.
Watch TV, maybe surf the net til you get sleepy
Turn over and try to go back to sleep, you have school/work in the morning!

You go on vacation, in terms of IRC you:

Tell everyone you will be gone, but make sure you are always near a computer so you can ssh into your box and check out what's been going on in IRC
Tell everyone in IRC you will be gone, as well as detailed instructions of what to do in event of room takeover, etc.
Just say goodbye and log off.
Tell anyone who cares, you dont log on too often anyway.

You are planning a REAL LIFE gathering, you:

Tell everyone in the irc channel where you chat with "real life" friends that you are having a gathering.
Tell real life friends in IRC and use email and phone to gather everyone together.
Email, real mail, and phone, I dont hang out with the people I chat with!
Call my friends up and tell them what my plans are, maybe send out invitations.

You have chatted with the same people for so long you:

Know their daily routine better than your own, and even have your own chatting "dialect"!
You know them better than your real life friends.
You're on the member's page for the channel.
I haven't chatted that long...

Do you find it hard to write anything without smilies?

Yes! Even when I write on paper.. in fact, my signature has a smiliey in it...
It's difficult, sometime I catch myself writing smilies on things that wouldnt customarily have them
Not usually.

Have you ever been called a: Cyborg, AI, or other something like that?

Several times, even by my chat friends!
Once or twice, mostly by my parents

Have you ever wished you could put someone in real life on ignore/ban/kick?

Yeah, when I do go out in real life... which isnt often.
All the time!

How many people that you met in IRC have you met in real life?
Lots, I'm even living with one!
A couple of really close friends.
None, but I plan to!
None, don't have plans to meet them either.

You sign your emails with:

Just my IRC nick, they will know who it is, even if it's to my grandma!
My real name, with nick in ()'s they will all someday know who -nick- is!
My real name, and sometimes my nick, depending on who I am emailing.
Just my real name, or just my nick. My family doesnt know my chat name and I dont want people from IRC knowing my real name!

Have you ever considered getting any of the following?:

Vanity plate with your nickname
The .com of (or relating to) your nick

Yep! And I did!
I've seriously considered it.
Played with the idea, nothing serious though.
The thought never crossed my mind

Am I Addicted To IRC?