True Jedi Test

Written By Ocean-Saurian, PHP By PrincessLeia2

1. Do you feel as though you need to make the other person a loser so you can feel like a winner?

Most of the time
Very rarely

2. When you have the perfect plan to get back at somebody, do you follow the plan?

Sure! Serves them right
Hmm... I'll think about it
I'll draw out the plan... but I won't go through with it
That's just plan wrong

3. What is your comfort color? (A color that makes you feel good)


4. How materialistic are you?

Not at all, I can give up everything right now
Wait... my stuff? Hm... well, some of it
Yeah right, I couldn't live without any of it
Sure, I could give a lot of it away... but I want to keep some stuff

5. How often do you think about the future?

It crosses my mind now and then
I probably think about it more than I should
I'm always planning ahead, heck I practically live in the future
Never, I don't see why I need too

6. When it comes to waiting for things, how well does it sit with you?

I could wait a million years
Well, I can wait for a few hours
Days, weeks, months, it's all the same
I want it now!

7. Do you help others (not only friends) when they are in need?

Why waste the time?
I'll thrown in my two cents
Sure! I'll help them in any way possible
All right, I'll try to help

8. What about enemies? Would you help them if they were in need?

Even though they have done wrong to me in the past, I'll help them
I'll give them a hand, but don't expect me to do it with a smile
I'll put it on my to do list
Forget it!

9. If somebody throws a punch at you, what do you do?

Block it of course, and push them away hard with a punch
Throw punches back
Block their moves without harming them
Block it and push them away

10. Have you ever wondered "Why me"?

It's crossed my mind
Somtimes, when things get out of hand

11. My life has a positive effect on others.

I've never thought about it
No, I tend to be all about myself
I would like to believe so, yes
I do my best to help others

12. Do you watch cartoons?

Yeah right, If I wanna be a child again
If you consider South Park
Sometimes, only if there is nothing else on
Sure, I love cartoons

13. I should always do things that are in my best interest


14. I tend to show my emotions

When I get really choked up
All the time
Sometimes, only if it's with people I trust
Never, I always am aware of my emotions, but nobody else is

15. How well do you work with people in groups?

Ugh! Groups! I hate them!
Well, sure I can work in a group
I don't really like it, but sometimes they are all right
I love to work in groups

16. A friend has back stabbed you, but now they recently return and they are going through a tough time in their life, do you help him/her?

I am always there when the person is in need
Why the heck should I help them? They didn't do anything for me!
I might give them one or two lines of advice
Well, I guess I could be their shoulder to cry on this one time...

17. You see a $100 dollar bill sticking out of an ATM, do you return it?

I would take off with it faster than you can say "..."
I would wait there for a few moments and then take of with it
I would look around for the person who left it
I would return it to the bank, it doesn't belong to me

18. If you had a real lightsaber, what would you use it for?

Only if I was in dire need
Well, I'd show it off now and then
Only to my advantage
Well, I would use it when I need to, and when people make threats to me

19. Why do bad things happen?

Because it's always my luck
To teach people life lessons in small doses
So I can learn a bit
It's always my luck, though it's not always bad

20. In your workplace (or school) somebody asks a real common sense question, your reaction is...?

Hmm, I guess they never learned that
Ignorant fool!
Geez, I hope I'm never like him
I answer the question myself, and am willing to elaborate!

21. In a debate I tend to...

Let the other person know I'm right, and won't stop until they give up!
Butt in while the other person is talking
Come to some sort of agreement
Hear both sides and think things through logically and ethically