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Miranda Sex Garden

"Miranda Sex Garden, the only 1990's band to make a 1520's renaissance"





Misc Info

       Miranda Sex Garden is a small, quite unknown band from England. Formed when the members were studying vocal music together and started singing 17th Century madrigals for money in the streets of London. Their style is far from anything "pop" thus making the group only popular among a certain cult-like crowd. Madra, their first album, is composed entirely of traditional British songs, thus giving it an almost folk root. Although, their later releases (1993's Suspiria and 1994's Fairytales of Slavery) saw the group moving in a more rock/industrial direction. In their newest album, Carnival Of Souls the band was able to get a larger release, making it easier for fans like myself to find their older albums, yay!
       I got into Miranda when a friend of mine online (thanks Mike!!!) sent me an mp3 of "Lovely Joan" off the cd Iris, it was really intriguing and got me looking for their cds. It wasn't until several months later that i happened upon one of their cds in a Philadelphia Barnes and Noble. It was their latest cd (still, that was from '94) called Fairytales of Slavery. After listening to that cd several times, I got really into the band, they rock my world! Anyway, that's why I decided to make this little tribute page, since there arent many out there and this band definately deserves another %)