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I am not quite sure when it was that I started watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was sometime before my senior year in high school though (so pre 1999), 'cause I wandered onto the scifi website to play "Caption This" and that started my whole IRC addiction. So I am not an mstie from "back in the day" I just enjoyed the show. Once I wandered into scifi chat I found a whole bunch of other msties to my delight, the first chat room I regularly chatted in was called #Tom-Servo. We used to all watch the episode together sometimes, riffing in irc... lots of fun %)

I can't even begin to describe the fun we had on IRC after certain episodes. Like Episode 802, Leech Woman began with them using the "Varmint Vac" to get rid of the prarie dog infestation on the SOL. From that point on we had the #13thHour Varmint Vac... and then the Cricket Vac... all sorts of Vacs stemming from our beloved MST3K.

I remember my parents wondering "what the hell" I was watching, then complaining that the little guys on the bottom of the screen were annoying, annoying! I didn't care much... didn't even think too much about my parents approval til I came home one day and they were sitting there laughing their asses off watching an episode, without me! It was one of the few things my family could agree on, mst rocks.

So I got pretty into it, ordered the MST3K Episode Guide as a special order at Borders (I was still 'net shy, and credit cardless at this point), and a friend of mine let me watch some of his older eps he taped off the Comedy Channel.

I remember watching the last episode at my aunt's house. I was on vacation but this was something I could NOT miss.. they played it twice on scifi, the first time I watched it I watched it intently, no IRC interference, and I cried at the end, yep, cried! Scifi had killed my beloved MST3K!!! The second time watching I hopped on the computer while we all sat around reminising.. and laughing at the last episode, then getting all sad when the end came, like something we loved was dying...

Ah but with the wonderful advances of the net all is not lost! *grins* I've recently been ordering tapes from an online tape swapping site... all my faves, and hope to have a decent collection in the near future 'cause sometimes I am in that "MST3K mood" and I NEED some!! I'm sure you sympathize. MST3K LIVES ON!!!