Magic:The Gathering

I started playing Magic: The Gathering when an ex-boyfriend of mine introduced it to me. I was already into computer/video game type gaming, and he thought I was smart, so he thought I'd be interested in Magic. Well for once he was right and I ended up being just as into it as he was for the time we dated. It was fun... and I guess I sorta had an emotional attachment to my cards so when I stopped playing I still held onto them. So I only played for a little under 2 years, and my collection isn't too impressive but I guess it's one of the only things I enjoyed during that part of my life so the collection is something I want to keep. Besides, I have heard tons of people regret selling their collections, it wouldnt be worth the $50 I'd get for my collection %)

I can't say I was ever very good at magic. I played mostly black and green, never blue because control was just way too difficult for a newbie like me to master very quickly. Besides, green is so cute! And black is just so cool.

I went to a couple prereleases in Syracuse, NY. They were fun, but I think the insane number of people attending sorta bothered me since I am not really one for crowds. I never won much, and when I did I think it was mostly because my opponent was nervous to be playing a girl(as it's pretty much a male dominated game). *Shrugs* I guess I never got too great at deck building either, and so when we did sealed deck or booster draft I'd be totally lost. I played mostly because it was fun, even if I was the only girl usually playing at the local card store. It was always cool when the shop owner's daughter came down, 'cause I finally had another girl to play with, and it got their attention off me and on her, yay!

So here's my collection, and the three decks I still have. I guess I'm posting the decks so anyone reading this page can say "no wonder you fucking lost!!!" *grins*

My Decks

Black Life Gain:

The point I tried to get through with this deck was that since black leechs life a lot I put in a bunch of artifacts to counter this loss... of course I then realized that wasnt really a problem in this deck *sigh* Still I was an inexperienced player and I was paranoid about losing life *shrugs* This was pretty much my first deck

22 Swamp
4 Terrain Generator
2 Peat Bog

2 Rejuvenation Chamber
1 Skull Of Ramos

4 Dark Ritual

3 Seal Of Doom

4 Vicious Hunger
3 Dispoil
2 Eradicate
1 Plague Wind

4 Belbe's Percher
4 Plaque Fiend
4 Plague Witch
2 Bog Glider
2 Disease Carriers
2 Highway Robber
1 Avatar Of Woe

Green Creature Deck:

This was my first green deck, and it's exactly what the title says, a creature deck, just tries to kill opponent with big, small, and enchanted creatures. Pretty simple and old idea, and I guess I did win a couple games with this deck...

25 Forests

4 Blastroderm
4 Llanowar Elve
4 Skyshroud Ridgeback
3 Darba
2 Hunted Wumpus
2 Pygmy Razorback
2 Spore Frog
1 Marsh Boa
1 Rancor
1 Stampede Driver

4 Seal Of Strength

4 Giant Growth
4 Wild Might
2 Invigorate

Multi-Color Green Saproling Rith Deck:

This was the last deck I ever made, only actually played it a couple times, and never got the hang of using it... probably because it sucks just as much as the rest of my decks. Anyway, the dragons are kewl so I made this Rith Saproling deck, and multicolor was in so I thought I'd try it out.

20 Forests
2 Elfhame Palace
2 Shivan Oasis
1 Rith's Grove

4 Quirion Elves
4 Thornscape Apprentice
2 Amphibious Kavu
2 Blurred Mongoose
2 Lanowar Calvary
2 Nomadic Elf
2 Rith, the Awakener
2 Rith's Attendant
2 Stone Kavu
2 Thornscape Familiar
2 Verdeloth the Ancient
1 Utopia Tree

4 Pulse Of Llanowar
2 Hull Breach

1 Saproling Symbiosis

Foil Cards

I guess the pride of my little collection was my 8 foil ravenous rats...

ravenous rats page
(click to see larger images of this)

These are the foil cards I got from the 3 prereleases I played in:

Avatar Of Hope, Prophecy PreRelease

Raging Kavu, Invasion PreRelease

Questing Pheldagriff, Planeshift Prerelease

These are all my other foil cards... they arent in any particular order because I am too lazy to put them in any order at the moment %P.


Pouncing Jaguar - my cat's nickname was Pouncing Jaguar, so I just *had* to have the foil card

Scoria Cat - we called my cat's sister Scoria Cat

Kavu Climber

Kavu Agressor

Pouncing Kavu

Rogue Kavu

Serpentine Kavu

Anchient Kavu

Dromar's Charm

Treva's Charm





Treefolk Healer

Verdant Field


Wild Mammoth

Jeweled Torque

Dream Thrush

Crimson Acolyte

Trickster Mage

Phantasmal Terrain

Crossbow Infantry

Capashen Unicorn

Defender Of Law

Glimmering Angel


Exotic Curse

Honorable Scout

Parallex Dementia

Mogg Jailer

Spineless Thug

Soul Strings

Metathran Transport

Heroic Defiance

Morgue Toad

Rejuvenation Chamber

Repopulate - this was the first magic card I ever owned

Wandering Stream

Spore Frog

Deepwood Ghoul

Harvest Mages

Howling Wolf

Lightning Hounds

Keldon Berserker

Elvish Champion

Pure Reflection


These are just some Rare Dragon cards I collected because dragons are cool


Arcades Sabboth - Chronicles

Chronium - Chronicles

Nicol Bolas - Chronicles

Palladia-Mors - Chronicles

Vaevicris Asmadi - Chronicles

Two-Headed Dragon - Mercadian Masques - this was actually the first rare I ever pulled

Crosis - Invasion

Darigaaz - Invasion

Dromar - Invasion

Rith - Invasion

Treva - Invasion

All cards on this site are Wizards of the Coast... all images are scanned/edited by PrincessLeia2.