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mIRC Help Guide

Note: Content on this page is old and probably no longer applicable, kept online for historical purposes

1.Download mIRC from the closest download location at www.mirc.com.Open the mirc install file and follow the install directions.

2.Now open "My Computer" and doubleclick on your C:\ (Local Disk) harddrive, doubleclick on "Program Files" and then doubleclick on the to the newly made mirc folder (this folder is what the default installation installs mirc to, if you changed this during installation for some reason open that file instead)

3.Doubleclick on the file that called mirc.exe (it will have an icon that says "mirc") . The about mirc box will pop up when you launch this, simply click the "Continue" button.

4.Then you will be at the mIRC Options screen. (click here to see a picture of what this should look like)

5.The first thing you will want to do is add your server (Since I chat on Xelium I use that as an example). In the "Category" section on the left, click on "Servers" In the "IRC Server:" dropdown menu go down until you find "Xelium: Random Server." see here. Now click "Edit" and make sure the "Port(s)" is ONLY 6667, for a screenshot see here

If you cannot find Xelium in the list, follow these steps: Click Add. Now add the information into this screen:

In the Description put Xelium
In the IRC Server section put irc.xelium.net
In the Port(s) put 6667
No group or password is needed for this server, (although some servers will require it, in those cases you would add that information here).

Now you will click "Add" Click here for a screenshot of what this should look like

7.Now, click back to Connect and you will add your Full Name, Email Address, and Nickname.

The Full Name is just what will appear to people when someone does /whois to you to figure out who you are. In my example here I put my domain name, but you can put anything you want.

The Email Address section does not need to be real, the bit before the @ symbol will show up to people when they see you join/part/quit , I just put lyz@princessleia.com.

Then you choose a Nickname (name people will know you by in irc) to use and put that in the nickname space. Alternative is used just in case your most desired nick is already taken... this happens a lot on big servers, but luckily you dont have much to worry about with the smaller servers like xelium.

Click here to see what this should look like.

8.Now you just click "Connect to Server" button to connect.

9.Now an mIRC Channels Folder will pop up. You can either close this and join a channel/room by typing in the status menu /join #roomname or you can add a channel here. Since #13thHour is my home I added #13thHour to this list by typing #13thHour, hitting "Add" and then just putting #13thHour in the channel name, and hitting ok. Now everytime I you start up mIRC you will have this channels folder and can click easily on the room name you want to join and hit "join" to enter it. Click here to see what this should look like.

10.That's all there is to starting mIRC... for more information on commands you can use either just use the very good Help file in mIRC or go to mIRC Commands section for some simple commands to get you started %)