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Several times I have been sitting in a chat room, with the nick PrincessLeia2, and someone would come up to me and ask me if i was a starwars fan. "No" I tell them "It's just coincidental that I picked this name and it's a name of a star wars character and I am chatting in a science fiction chatroom" Their response usually decides for me whether to continue the conversation.

YES! Of course I am a Star Wars fan... but let me specify... As excited as I was for the prequels, I am a traitor! I am not a true NEW starwars fan, I enjoy the movies and want to find out the "true" story, but as far as being a fan, I am only a die hard OLD trilogy fan.

So, with that all cleared up I shall continue... These pages are mostly pictures of Leia, a bit of R2-D2, because despite popular belief, the whole series is really about him, some wav files from this stellar trilogy disk I bought before the special editions came out %) Also some Star Wars jokes I've found in my travels around the net. Have fun!