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Our trip to West Virginia

Day One

9pm, April 24, 2004

We began our trip today, left this morning. The drive out wasn't too bad, stopped at a Wal-Mart while still in PA, it was located next to a trailer park. I don't like Wal-Marts, it had been over a year since I had ventured into one. They are always full of huge people who don't seem to believe in regular bathing, and the whole places stinks of nasty popcorn. Don't even get me started on how much they bombard me with advertisements.

Sidling Hill

My hand is starting to cramp already! I should really write more often or something.

A little after 2pm we both got a bit hungry, so we stopped at a little plaza on the PA turnpike where all they had was a Burger King. Now neither of us eat fast food, the last time I was at any sort of fast food place was when I was living with my Aunt Elaine in 2001. Well, having little other choice, we each got a chicken whopper, which I didn't even know existed until today.

On our way, we drove through Sideling Hill, a big space dug (and exploded...) through the mountains so the road could pass through. They had a little visitor's center there, so we stopped and took a few photos. I love our new camera. We considered stopping and Michael's workplace to pick up his laptop, but then realized we'd need to spend some time configuring it to play nicely with the camera and thought better of it. So we're limited to only about 150 pictures. Ok, I think that's enough.

The Castle

We arrived here at "The Castle" around 4pm. This place is amazing. I'll have to dig more into it's history when I get home. We took a couple picture of the building itself, and hopefully the weather will hold so we can take more of the beautiful english garden.

Tonight we drive into Cumberland, MD which is a cool little city. Had dinner at a little restaurant called "City Lights," great service, good food.

Now I'm going to have a bit of sherry and cuddle with a book in this huge comfy bed.

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