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Our trip to West Virginia

Day Four

8:15 am, April 28, 2004

Tuesday morning we got up adn headed downstairs for a lovely breakfast of baked grapefruit and french toast with cream cheese and apricots baked in (you need to try it to understand how good it is). After breakfast we left to see Seneca Rocks.

Seneca Rocks

The trail up to Seneca Rocks is about 1.5 miles each way, and although the trail is nice and well-maintained, there is no avoiding the fact that you're climing up a mountain and so it's uphill the whole way. The weather was interesting as well, one moment pouring rain, the next it was sunny. When we got to the top it was pouring, so we hung around until it stopped. The view was amazing! The 1.5 miles back down the mountain was a breeze, and it was still really early afternoon.

We stopped at a small gas station and got a sandwich and some chips to hold us over until dinner. From there we drove to the Seneca Caverns. My first impression of the caverns was "Oh no, a tourist trap!" Luckily the cavers themselves made up for the campy gift shop and "gem mining" that they offered.

Seneca Caverns

Because of the cool and often damp weather we were having that day we were the only people on the tour. As the tour began it was clear that the woman had just memorized a script, and the names they had for some of the formations were groan-worthy. But looking past all that, caverns are cool and the mile long walk through them was great. It was only 3 pm when the tour was over, too early for dinner, so we decided ti drive to Morgantown, which was a little under 2 hours away. On the way up it actually snowed a little!

Morgantown is a college town, er, city and so it's got all the characteristics of a typical college town. We drove around for a bit and ended up eating at the West Virginia Brewing Company Brewpub on University Ave, they had good beer and decent food. On our way back to Elkins we stopped at a Circuit City to pick up a camera case. We had been storing it in the bubble wrap that it came with and putting it into my waterproof backpack when the rain came.

We arrived back here at the B & B around 9:30 pm. Now we're awake and getting ready to plan our day today.

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