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Our trip to West Virginia

Day Seven

9:15 am, May 1, 2004

Friady we decided to stay in the area and relax. After a nice breakfast we came back up to our room and read for a while. Then our hostess knocked on our door, a bit upset. Turns out that she had a family emergency and asked us if we could drive her to the hospital, since her son had borrowed her car. It was no trouble for us, since we were planning on heading into town eventually anyway.

After dropping her off we stopped at a winery only to find out that they weren't open. The hours sign said "Sat & Sun & When we are around" Yay little WV shops! So we went to Moorefield to see if we could find a decent shop, and had little luck. After visiting a gas station with a limited selection of wines we just ended up picking some Turning Leaf White Zinfandel up at a local Pharmacy.

It was around noon when we got back here to our room. We went down to the "game room" to play some darts and pool (which I lost horribly, but it was fun). Around 2:30 we got hungry and left to get a small lunch. We were planning on coming back here around 6 for dinner. Unfortunately because of that family emergency we were forced to find a place to eat dinner as well.

Drove back to Elkins (near where we had stayed a couple days before) and had dinner again at C.J. Maggies. It was nearly 10 pm when we got back here to the Inn. We filled up the hot tub here in the room and rank some wine. It was very relaxing, a wonderful finish to our day.

Today we have a few options, we could do some hiking in various areas, or see more caverns, or take a scenic railroad trip...

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