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Our trip to West Virginia

Day Eight

7:30 am, May 2, 2004

Sigh, the last day of vacation. We haven't made plans yet as to what route we'll take back, mostly we've tried to ignore the fact that we're going home today.

Michael and Lyz on top of Spruce Knob

Saturday was a good day. We checked out the scenic railroad schedules and the only one that was running this evening was about a 2 hour drive away and was only 10 miles long! So we ended up going through our notes and printouts and deciding upon visiting Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia.

It was about 20 miles to get to the entrance of Spruce Knob, then another 12, mostly gravel, to actually drive to the top. Once at the top, we were able to hike up to the observatory tower, and around the nature trail. We got to see a little snake! And got a lot of great pictures. There were a lot of big rocks on one part of the walk and we had a bit of fun climbing those.

After finishing the trails we wanted to finish, we got into the Rav4, confident that we and R4 had conquered the mountain. We took the opposite route down the mountain so we could pass the lake, but it was crowded and we ended up just driving past it. The ride down this portion of the gravel road was quite a bit worse and we ended up stopping to check out some mountain institute when Michael noticed that we had a flat tire! So much for R4 conquering the mountain. After a search for the jack (it was under the passenger's seat) Michael was able to quickly change the tire, luckily the Rav comes with a full-size spare. (We found out later that the tires that came with this truck suck, especially on gravel roads).

Jacuzzi in our room at North Fork Mtn. Inn

We got on our way and decided to head back to the Inn and shower before going out for dinner. We got back here and ended up in the outdoor hot tub, yay! It was so relaxing. After the hot tub we went out for pizza.

That evening we came back and played some pool, I finally won a couple games, hehe. Michael made us some tea and then we went up to our room for some more nice relaxing. Eventually I filled up the jacuzzi and Michal opened a bottle of wine and we hopped in the tub. It was so great. Both of us were too relaxed to even read by the end of the evening.

Now it's Sunday morning. I guess I'm not comletely heartbroken about this week being over. We filled it with a lot of fun stuff, had an amazing time, got some great pictures. Besides, I miss my kitten. But these mountains are so easy to get used to! This quiet is so wonderful!

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