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Our trip to West Virginia

Day Nine

8 pm, May 2, 2004

Well, we're home now, so here's a quick rundown of the day's events.

We left the North Fork Mountain Inn soon after breakfast. Our hostess ended up giving us an unnecessary discount on our stay because the family emergency had taken her away for most of our stay (she made our breakfasts, but wasn't around to wait on us in the evenings and such). We had a great time there even with her not being around much, it was no problem really, since she made sure we had what we needed before she left. We tried to refuse the discount, but she insisted.

The route we took home started off being pretty direct, we got to stop and take some pictures of some huge power-generating fans that are set up in Northeast WV where there is constant wind, pretty cool. Then, in some want not to have this vacation over, we decided to go to Hershey, PA, the home of Hershey Chocolate! We would be driving quite close to it anyway.

It was around 2:30 when we got to Hershey, and we weren't in the mood to go to the park or anything, so we just went to Chocolate World and had some lunch (at a sandwich shop!) and bought a gift for Michael's mother for watching little Caligula for us. We also picked up some Limited Edition hershey's chocolates and a few other goodies (mmm fudge). It was busy though, and we did want to get home before dark, so we left by 3:30.

The drive the rest of the way home was fun, we had stopped to get a PA map, and with it we were able to take a bunch of crazy back roads through hunting areas to get to the Turnpike. We arrived at Michael's mother's to pick up Caligula around 5.

Boy was Caligula spoiled! Michael's mother made him a scratching post shaped like a cat (it was great, we thought she had bought it!) and bought a bunch of new toys for him to play with. He was happy to see us though. We brought him home.

And so ends our amazing vacation!

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